• Each limited edition print is proofed, signed and numbered by Gottfried Helnwein personally (on the front paper border underneath the image with the edition number on the left and the signature on the right).

• Pigment prints are the newest generation of digital fine art printing with a very fine resolution and the highest light resistance, and are accepted by museums and galleries worldwide as the leading standard in art reproduction.

• We do not issue any "certificates of authenticity" or similar.  Your order confirmation is enough to validate that you are receiving an authentic artwork which has been hand-signed by Gottfried Helnwein.


• Our museum-quality, fine-art paper prints are printed with archival pigment inks on Somerset Velvet Paper (matte finish).

• Sizes given are approximate.

• Some details and colors may differ slightly to what is seen over the web, but all prints are thoroughly checked for quality and accuracy by the artist personally.


• We aim to deliver within 10 business days from your order date, depending on your location.  The prints are shipped from Studio Helnwein in Ireland.

• Sometimes the delivery may be delayed based on the artist's availability for review and signature, this could be up to 3 months depending on Gottfried Helnwein's travel schedule.  In this scenario you will be notified by email once your order is received and you always have the option to cancel the order if you prefer not to wait.

• You will be notified regarding your order status via the email you enter at checkout.

• Shipped via DHL international couriers.

Shipping Guarantee
All prints are safely packaged for shipping and are carefully reviewed for perfection before shipment.
If prints are somehow damaged by the carrier, we will replace the damaged print at no extra cost.

All sales are final once payment is made.


• We reserve the right to adjust prices as needed to reflect market value, inflation, etc.

• As an edition becomes closer to being sold out, the value and price increases.

• There is no difference in value of one specific number in an edition over another number in the same edition.  If you want to know which number you will receive, please contact us.


• As with any valued fine art piece, we recommend to hang it where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight at any time throughout the day, and away from any contact with moisture or heat. Using archival materials for mats, backing and spacers, museum quality framing and UV protected glass will add to the life of the print.

• Artwork on walls (photographs, prints or paintings) should be lit with an even and gentle light coming down from directly above it.  Light from the front or side will result in poor display, causing shadows on the texture or coating of the artwork, and can show normal inconsistencies in the inks or paints that may have different levels of reflectivity.  Some art collectors use individual picture lights for each artwork, and some have track lighting in the ceiling that allows lighting of multiple works.

• To avoid the possibility of the paper becoming wavy in the frame, we recommend to either use a passepartout / framing matt or have the artwork mounted on a backing material by a professional framer. The glass should not touch the paper.